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Tru Sound Music is a production business based in Jeir NSW (close to the town of Murrumbateman). Situated on a block approximately 2kms off the highway we are surrounded by idyllic gardens and trees, far from the busyness of city life.


In 2003 , we set out to establish a Music Production Company that would provide quality sound and audio production in Canberra and the region for both recording and live purposes. We are driven to create, and our collaborations have included some of the most well-known artists in the Canberra region and beyond. It’s our creativity, friendliness and experience that separates us from other local owner/operator production businesses. Our experience allows us to create the finest products - from original music production to live shows.

Tru Sound Music also offers resources to clients such as equipment rentals and a production management consultancy service.


We take pride in providing an affordable, yet professional service. We have been involved in performance, live sound, audio recording for bands and individuals and corporate video recording and editing along with music and tuition for over 20 years.

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